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Web Design and Development Company in Delhi

Our Competency:

We are Authorized Reseller for Domain Registration. Details of our authorized status can be found at:

Our domain registration portal is www.delhidomainshop.com

We have successfully implemented Designing / Coding of Indian Business Directory www.indiaranking.com .

We are having our own Web Servers at Everyone Internet Datacenter, DimeNOC, Thplanet IDC . All the state of art Datacenters are in USA and are backed by multiple ISP’s for speed and reliability.

We are providing Hosting and Domain Registration to many web development companies in India.

We have dedicated staff to cater all type of designing and development work. We are well versed with all the latest technologies and keep ourselves updated from new ones.

What Services we will offer :

We will offer you all the services under one roof. We will Register your Domain name through our domain registration portal delhidomainshop.com .We will provide you with web Space on our web server. You will get emails as per your requirement. We will create web pages according to your requirement.

Our Website Design Methodology Ensures Quality Results ...

Whether your Internet project is large or small, our Web Design Methodology will always contain these critical elements:

  • A look at your product/service/concept/ideology. Whatever it is that you are hoping to promote. What features does it have? And more importantly what benefits does it bring to your web site visitor. NOTE this process is the most important part of the project. From this list of benefits will grow the framework and emphasis of the website.

  • Establish the goal of the website. Exactly what action do you want your site visitors to take .They must do SOMETHING. What are the primary and secondary objectives?

  • Design and usability. Establish the look and feel, design the structure and navigation while complying with accepted usability standards.

  • Choose the images. Carefully chosen photography must enhance your message or inform in its own right. Beware! Whirling Gizmos don't sell. Letters jumping into an email envelope don't make me want to email you! Flash and other forms of animation should be used judiciously and kept to a minimum. Why? Because they distract visitors from your message.

  • Build and code. Then and only then does page construction and coding begin.

  • Test. We test the navigation, forms, links and database programming. We don't want your reputation tarnished by having your prospects find the problems before we do!

  • Go-live!

  • Acceptance testing. This is usually a short period after launch in which the client may ask for amendments (but not major changes outside of the original scope) at no charge. The length of time appropriate for acceptance testing will depend on the size, complexity, and technology architecture of the web site.

We at Team Technologies assure you of excellent service and best solution at very competitive price.

  We have launched Directory for Indian Web

  Team Technologies have completed
  upgradation of Linux and Windows Server to
  Dual XEON from P-IV. All our servers are
  from Dell

  Our Indian Business Directory now Have
  25000+ Members
























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